Group and Workshops

Building Community

Throughout any given academic year, the Counseling Center at LCU looks for ways to provide meaningful experiences for our students.

Support groups are a good way for folks who have encountered similar situations to learn from and support one another. At times, the journey is difficult for most of us, but having someone beside us who has travelled this way before, and is willing to share ways they found to navigate the toughest parts, seems to help. 

The Center wants to know what you want in a support group. We have been involved in groups that focused on:

  • intimacy in relationships
  • learning how to relax through artistic expression 
  • overcoming male/female confusions 
  • making stronger community connections
  • dealing with chronic illness


The possibilities are endless!!!

We welcome your suggestions. Send us an email and let us know what you are interested in, and we'll work to get the word out, as well as provide a place and time for this support to be found.