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Freshman Move-In

August 20 @10:00 am
Freshman Move-In
Parent Orientation
Undergraduate Commencement

Residence Halls Open for All Students

August 23 @01:00 am
Residence Halls Open

The Duster Today

Textbooks: Necessary, or Outdated?

Textbooks have been the primary teaching instrument for students since the 19th century, making a huge impact on how students learn. However, as digital technology has overtaken the world, it has shifted how students use textbooks to gain access to knowledge. Whether on paper or online, there is a sizable cost. According to the National [...]

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How has the pandemic affected LCU seniors?

The pandemic that has swept the globe has left a lot of people wondering when life will get back to normal. Seniors at LCU have been one of the groups most affected by  this shocking lockdown of society. However, interviews with two seniors show they still cherish the moments they’ve had at LCU. ‘Take nothing [...]

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Easy Ways to Volunteer During Covid-19

During a time such at this, many of us are looking for something to do, or in some cases, someone to help. It’s no doubt that a lot of people need help right now due to this pandemic, and those of us who take this opportunity to serve have the chance to see how truly [...]

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